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Feel the beaming!

J&E’s third April set!

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Some sinusoidal sylvan scenery!




Accolades! Sifting through my junk, and I found something I thought I lost!

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Properly groomed for once.

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A house full with the intoxicating scent of my favorite orchid.

Hello! Have ten billion breeds of fancy piranha!

I’m not even tuning their compositions, just blasting away at the options with random selections, colors, and opacities. Watch the little cartoon fishies evolve before your eyes!

Compound sprites means insane quad vertex coloring’s available for every slice! Get ready to breed some CRAZY FANCY fish. :)

Like the above, some accidental parrot fish.


Hey, remember this guy, Oncidium Tsiku Marguerite ‘Romantic Fantasy’? Well he just went into H:AD, after a three-day marathon of Oncidium research! Entry #30! You should see it show up within a week as your databases update. Too bad I don’t have much info about this specific hybrid, but the family info pretty much covers anything you need to know for most of these types of flowers.

I mean come on, as the app says there are LITERALLY OVER A 100,000 SWEET HYBRIDS of orchids in the Oncidium alliance. You can’t expect there to be a ton of background on all of them. And hey, it wasn’t me… it was the American Orchid Society that called the genus a “dumping ground”. Who can keep track of this stuff, really?

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I just pushed the 2.0 GRAPE IVEY EDITION of HA:D to the App Store, so I expect about one anxious week before people can see the new hotness. It’s dripping with polish at this point, full of little tweaks to work around iOS display issues and make everything as smooth as possible. I guess I could still fade in the index icons… :)